Unless you’ve been under a rock I’m sure news of the most current rap beef has reached you.

On May 25, Pusha T released his third studio album Daytona. The G.O.O.D Music president gave us 21 minutes of dope tracks with only two of them having features. The content is unsurprisingly captivating and that especially holds true for the closing song “Infrared”. The song is a diss track that aims at Cash Money / Young Money members and in response Drake took to the studio to record “Duppy”. There was no shock with having Drake, in the matter of a day, coming for Pusha with his usual lyrical swiftness but what took place next no one really expected. Drake mentioned Pusha’s fianceé and then the gloves came off.

A couple of days later Pusha clapped back with another diss called “The Story of Adidon” and everyone listening felt those cuts as he chop Drake down with many low blows. It made us wonder, “what in the hell did Drake do!?”. The weekend has come and gone with no follow-up from Drake and there’s rumors that others in the industry is suggesting that he back down. It’s hard to imagine Drake not coming through with more to say but with his release date being so close maybe he will not respond.


Check out the diss records here:


“The Story of Adidon”








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