Welcome to Wundrland

The venue was small but the talent was big.

Father’s Day was not the only celebration going down on Sunday, June 17. If you were lucky you caught the release and performance of the EP BARS by the Hip-Hop artist Alexyn Wundrland. The concert took place on Wayne State’s campus and it was nothing short of entertaining.

Admittedly, prior to the concert I had only heard snippets of Wu’s work and I can honestly say I had been cheating myself of some good music. Alexyn has a great stage presence and kept the audience engaged throughout her entire set. It became obvious that she is not just making music in search of fame but to share her passion of words. With smooth clear lyrics the message being presented was translated into a well crafted body of work.

Throughout the show there were a few guests. One being her brother King Kvll, whom she collaborated with on a few songs. There was also a live band, Modern Element, who played the instrumentals for a few of the songs performed and they also graced us with their own set. And there was also an appearance from, who she introduced as a good friend, Zellia Fossett. Fossett offered up a few vocals for unreleased tracks that she and Alexyn is working on.

If you missed the show, Alexyn Wundrland’s Bars can be found on all streaming platforms. I copped a physical album but I did add it on Apple Music. Here’s a link  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bars-ep/1400235243.

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