Relationships can be trying but fulfilling if you are with the right person. Recently, while catching up on my shows This Is Us and Love Is I thought to myself shouldn’t everyone experience love like this?

If you aren’t familiar with either show, watch them. This Is Us follows the lives of three siblings as they try to find their way through life beyond the death of their father and Love Is is about a young couple that is learning to love in a way they never loved before.

Before you say it, yes, I know that these are tv shows, but is it so crazy to think that people should experience true love as it is depicted on these shows? In This Is Us, Jack, the father in the show, is far from perfect but when it came to his wife and children he was always willing to bend and sacrifice for the greater good of his family. He made tough decisions look easy because at the end of the day he had to do what was best for his family.

He loved his wife and treated her like his bestfriend from the day that they met until the day he died. And his son Randall followed in his footsteps. He and his wife is what most folks would hashtag as relationship goals. They are like any other couple with problems and they argue but no matter what happens they lean on each other. There’s communication between them that leaves no room for assumptions or doubt.

IMG_3299 Which leads me to think of the relationship between Nuri and Yasir in the show Love Is. I was automatically hooked on this show just based on the fact that it was set in the 90’s. But to have a show set in the 90’s with a young black couple falling in love in the most whimsical way I couldn’t help but be glued to my tv. In a world where everything is a reality show that lacks reality, Love Is is refreshing.

The show focusing on two people taking a leap of faith and free falling into a situation that outsiders saw in black and white but they saw color. Both characters openly trusted the other and decided to be vulnerable and love hard no matter how difficult it seemed to do so.

Trust. Vulnerability. Communication. Sacrifices and compromising. I believe these things are key factors in any relationship. It’s the things that is on display in these shows. No matter who you are and who you are with love is not always enough. There have to be and should be more. You have to work to achieve being in a successful relationship but it shouldn’t deplete you of who you are. So when you see these whirlwind romances on tv I don’t think it’s outlandish to have a relationship that resembles that. You don’t have to mirror it completely but there’s nothing wrong with feeling like you’re falling in love every day with the person that you are with.

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