Recently, I deleted all of my social media apps. It’s something that I do every so often just to get away from being attached to my phone for long periods of time and to declutter my brain from all of the filth that I typically see on my timelines.

I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to a lot of things but I’m not immune from getting sucked into spending lots of time scrolling on different sites. I’m sure by this time we’ve all heard the warnings of what being connected all the time or too often can do to us and how it is important to disconnect from time to time.

In this fall season here are a few things you can do as opposed to being on your phone:

Go Outside. Yup. Outside. Away from your cozy couch and from behind your computer screen. Even though the temperatures are starting to drop there are so many cool outdoor activities such as going to the cider mill or apple orchard, a local fall festival or football game.

Stay Inside. Ok, so maybe you aren’t the outdoorsy type. This time of the year there are usually a lot of Halloween movie marathons. You can also bake! Tsk the season for pumpkin spices and cinnamon. Use those ingredients to make homemade baked goods and drinks.

And when all else fails, engage in my personal favorite of reading a book. Find a cool series so that you can stay occupied.

The point is to stay off of your phone for a while and give yourself a break. Too much screen time can cause restlessness and for you to miss out on some pretty awesome opportunities.



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