Rap or Go to the League


On March 1st 2 Chainz released his fifth studio album Rap or Go to the League. The album was executively produced by Lebron James and it is by far one of 2 Chainz’s best albums.

The album is 14 songs and opens up with a soulful track featuring Marsha Ambrosius, which ultimately sets the tone for the entire album. While we still get tracks we are used to from Chainz  this project is telling of the growth the Atlanta rapper has had over the years. The cadence is there, the selection of beats we love to hear from him are there but there is also a refined touch presented. This project shows that he had a story to tell and it was laid out over the course of the album. Rap or Go to the League was embedded more with Tauheed than 2 Chainz. We hear the pain when he speaks of parents having to bury their children that had been caught up in the street life, we hear the maturity as he makes mention of his wife and children, and of course we get the story behind the title of the album. While many has implied that 2 Chainz is favoring and only presenting two paths in life, it seems to be missed that one, this is from the experiences of 2 Chainz himself but also often in life those are the only options some young folks feel that they have.

This project is one that will be on repeat well into the year. If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard it stream it on whatever service you use and enjoy.




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