On March 9th Meek Mill visited the “D” to perform for The Motivation Tour with his guest Kash Doll and surprise appearances from Yo Gotti, Payroll Giovanni and Icewear Vezzo.

Through and through Meek kept the crowd going with songs from his first album down to his most current album Championships.


While I am not the biggest Meek fan I certainly enjoyed his set. He had great energy and he represented for his city. The only negative things that I will say is that his management team sold him short. The venue, The Fox, Detroit, was small and packed to capacity. It definitely felt as though he could have sold out a bigger venue. Also, he ended the show in a slightly abrupt manner. He had his dj play a few Detroit songs and it ended with ‘Burn’ a song featuring Detroit artist Big Sean but the part played and the way it was cut left the audience a tad confused. All in all, outside of the couple things mentioned the night was awesome and I would attend another Meek Mill show.

(A little footage from the concert)


2019 has started with mostly rap releases and The Movement is one. On January 20th, Freestyle Fanatic, a new artist on the rise, released his debut album The Movement. From start to finish you’re met with smooth beats and relatable lyrics. This is not your everyday album and if you’re looking for mumble rap you won’t find it here. Overall, it seems that this artist is on the path to what will be a successful music career.


This album is available on all streaming platforms and a physical copy can be purchased from the artist.

The Movement

Follow him on Instagram: freestyle_fanatic


Other releases:



Gucci Mane: The Autobiography of Gucci Mane        Length: 6 hrs 29 mins

IMG_0355 2

Forget everything that you know or think you know about Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane. This autobiography is very good. I’m sure a physical copy would be a true page turner. With my experience it was a good listen. It was one of the few audio books that I listened to in its entirety in one day. I was not bored with Gucci’s recollection of his early childhood memories, his introduction to drugs (both the ones he sold and the ones he used) his life as a rapper and life after he realized his world was spiraling out of control. If you are my age and into Hip Hop you may remember some of the stories that are being recounted but even if you aren’t this book is still a truly engaging read.

(Cover: The Internet’s album Hive Mind)


The Internet released Hive Mind on July 20. With most of the group members coming off of a solo run you’d think that they wouldn’t have anything left to offer but that is the furthest thing from the truth. I enjoyed the group’s latest release and it seems that the solo projects only strengthened their sound.

They draw you in with up-tempo instrumentals and Syd’s melodic voice for an overall experience of what I can only describe as “grown up” music. If you aren’t familiar with the group I would recommend, not only listening to this project but also to their 2014 album Ego Death. You won’t be disappointed.


(Cover: Silkk the Shocker’s album It Will Make Sense Later)


43-year-old New Orleans rapper Silkk the Shocker released his album It Will Make Sense Later on July 17. This album comes 13 years after his last release. It’s hard to say how this album will be received. It’s a good chance that it would be a nostalgic 1 hour and 1 minute for listeners who are familiar with Silkk’s earlier work.  The younger generation may give it a chance off the strength of it being a new release and because there are a few tracks that fits the mold of today’s music.

There  are features from Master P, Lil Romeo and more. Overall, I will say it’s not a bad album but I don’t believe it’s one that would be on repeat. My two favorite songs from the album is “Finest Girl” and “Outta Here” featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again. I would suggest giving the project a listen.

(Cover: Shai’s album Musically Yours)


The group Shai is probably best known for their 1992 released single “If I Ever Fall in Love Again” from the album of the same title (I know it’s still one of my favorite songs to date). On June 29 the group (with two new members in place of two originals) released Musically Yours.

I am going to go out on the limb by saying that maybe my expectations was too high for this project but I was very disappointed and bored. Listen to this album at your own risk. The group just don’t sound as good as before. And maybe it’s just old age or the lack of having all of the original members but it just wasn’t doing it for me. There were some songs that could have been good but then they started trying to do too much. They weren’t harmonizing well and the execution just came off as noise.

Saturday, July 7 in Detroit at the Baltimore Art Gallery: a crowd of about 50 showed up to support local artist 2State in celebration of his new album PIPED.

The event was scheduled to take place from 8pm – 12am at the venue located just beyond Woodward Ave on E. Baltimore St. Upon arrival there was a small crowd gathered outside for a video shoot and with that it was only a small glimpse of the night to come.

outside baltimore art gallery

(Outside the Baltimore Art Gallery)
(Clips of video footage being taken for 2State’s upcoming video)

Before the show began you were welcomed into the building with the smell of freshly made food and a choice of drink. There was merchandising available for purchase and the dj was warming the crowd up with popular radio songs.

Just before 10pm the show began.

There was much energy in the room from both the audience and the performers. It was made clear from the opening song down to the last that there is a solid fan base and family support of the artists there. In any spot of the venue, whether you stepped out to the bathroom or was right there by the stage, you could hear some people screaming the lyrics as though they wrote the songs themselves and others screaming words of encouragement ending with “yasss nephew! you go!”

Only two breaks occurred in the show. Once when rapper 2State wanted to speak and give acknowledgment to those who support him and a moment of silence for his uncle and then again when an iPhone turned up missing (but was quickly found).

To say the least the night was filled with pure entertainment from pure talent. The night was 2Live.


More about the artist:

2State has performed at many events including Imported from the D and the Friday Night Cypher hosted by 107.5s DJBJ. His album PIPED is available on all streaming platforms. I listened on iTunes, here’s the link

Album cover

Also! Follow his personal page on Instagram @2statemeech and his fan page @2statefanpage for updates on new music and events.


The venue was small but the talent was big.

Father’s Day was not the only celebration going down on Sunday, June 17. If you were lucky you caught the release and performance of the EP BARS by the Hip-Hop artist Alexyn Wundrland. The concert took place on Wayne State’s campus and it was nothing short of entertaining.

Admittedly, prior to the concert I had only heard snippets of Wu’s work and I can honestly say I had been cheating myself of some good music. Alexyn has a great stage presence and kept the audience engaged throughout her entire set. It became obvious that she is not just making music in search of fame but to share her passion of words. With smooth clear lyrics the message being presented was translated into a well crafted body of work.

Throughout the show there were a few guests. One being her brother King Kvll, whom she collaborated with on a few songs. There was also a live band, Modern Element, who played the instrumentals for a few of the songs performed and they also graced us with their own set. And there was also an appearance from, who she introduced as a good friend, Zellia Fossett. Fossett offered up a few vocals for unreleased tracks that she and Alexyn is working on.

If you missed the show, Alexyn Wundrland’s Bars can be found on all streaming platforms. I copped a physical album but I did add it on Apple Music. Here’s a link