In case you were under a rock and missed it here’s a recap of some things that happened in January:


  • Jan 3rd:  People everywhere was glued to their TV for the premiere of the Surviving R. Kelly three part series. In total the series is 6 hours and was featured on the Lifetime network.


  • Jan 16th: Souljah Boy goes on The Breakfast Club. You’ve seen the memes for sure! The interview may have gone viral for Souljah Boy’s reaction when asked about some of his peers but overall the interview itself was very good. If you missed it, check it out!


  • Jan 23rd: J . Cole released his single Middle Child and the late XXXtentacion’s album Members Only, vol. 4 was released.


  • Jan 25th: Summer Walker’s Clear, EP was released.

Audiobook: 7 hrs 46 mins; Released 2017


Most may know him as one-third of  “the most dangerous morning show”, Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club but many may not know how Lenard McKelvey a.k.a Charlamagne Tha God got to be in the position that he is in today.

In the biography, Black Privilege, Charlamagne gives the reader an idea of the kinds of things that goes on in his mind. There are parts of the book that make you wonder “is this guy serious” and others where you come to the conclusion that maybe he doesn’t have them all. But as the book continues Charlamagne, or Uncle Charla as he has been dubbed, recounts many childhood memories; his brief rap career (that thankfully never took off); his relationship with many well-known industry people, which gradually lead to his position in broadcast and his relationship with his wife. There’s also a portion of the book where he speak about how he came to be known as Charlamagne.

Overall, the book was both informative and entertaining. By the ending I felt as though I personally knew Charlamagne.


*** Since the publishing of Black Privilege, Charalamagne has gone on a many of press runs (that are worth a YouTube search) and is set to release another book at the end of October.

Currently, his book Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me is to be released on October 23, 2018.